Ways To Prevent From Cell Phone’s Dangerous Radiations

Cell Phones have become an essential part of our life. We spend long hours on our cell phones. We know its advantages but what we don’t know is it’s adverse effects on our health. Electo-magnetic radiations coming from our cell phones adversely affects our health. A research study shows that usage of phones for long hours can result in memory loss, hearing loss, brain tumor and even cancer.

If anyone use cell phone on ear to talk continously for 20 minutes, then there are chances of increase in temperature of brain by 2 degree celcius which may result in brain tumor.

Preventive Measures To Adopt:

It’s very difficult to keep away cell phones from our body but to avoid its adverse effect, we’ll have to do it. 

Use Earphones while talking on phones. When you’ll use earphone while talking, then your brain will remain unaffected by its radiations and even if you talk more, brain’s temperature will not increase.

If it’s not possible for you to use earphone sometime, then you can use your phone’s loudspeaker as it will help you to make some distance of your phone from your ear.


Tty to send messages than to make calls. There are many instant chat messaging apps on play store like Whatsapp, WeChat,Viber etc which you can use to send messages. If it’s not necessary to make calls, then try to send messages as it will help you to remain away from radiations.


Make calls when the signals are strong. Try to avoid calls when the signals are weak. Several studies show that radiations from phones are more dangerous when the signals are weak.


Keep your cell phones at right places. Don’t 

keep your cell phone near the sensitive parts of your body. Try to avoid keeping cell phone near your heart or under your pillow while sleeping. Keeping your cell phone under pillow while sleeping may lead to memory loss.


If you are not using your cell phone, then it’s better to turn off your phone.


Change your cell phone if you are using it for many years and buy a cell phone having low SR rate( Specific Absorption Rate).  Cell phones with low SR rate are more safer than cell phones with high SR rate.


Try to talk while staying at one position and avoid to roam here and there while talking on phone because it causes more radiation. When you go from one place to other while talking on phone, then cell phone scan for network and it causes more radiation.

Credit: http://www.onlymyhealth.com


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