Samsung Launches Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung launched Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge few days earlier.The Phones will go on sale From 11 March in UK and US.Galaxy S7 will cost around 699USD and S7 Edge Will Cost Around 799 USD.Both the phones have come with deadly looks and features.


The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge feature big screens of 5.1″ and 5.5 ” respectively in incredibly slim designs that fit comfortably in the palm of hand.

Galaxy S7 is water-resistant up to 5 feet of Water for up to 30 Minutes.


The memory can also be extended up to 200 GB.Yes, if 32 GB is not enough for you, you can add an additional 200 GB with a microSD card which is incredible.But, this microSD card you will have to buy yourself, it will not come free with the phone.Now,  comes the camera.S7 has a camera that uses the technology found in the professional cameras, a dual pixel 12 MP camera.Now you can take non-blurry photos in low light also.It has fast autofocus and new advanced Sensors for catching details in low light.


Galaxy S7 comes with 3000maH and Edge S7 with 3600 mAh battery.It has the feature of wireless charging.The phone is powered with Android Marshmallow OS.


Note: All the Above Information have been Taken From The Samsung website.

You can check complete details about the phones on Samsung Website.






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