Find Your Android Phone When It’s In Silent Mode

Sometimes, it happens to most of us that we forget that where we had left our mobile.It may be below pillow, under the bed, jeans pocket, or in some other room and in order to find it when we think to ring our mobile from other mobile, we come to know that it’s in Silent Mode.Now, to find your mobile, you can do two things to find it, search it madly everywhere until you find it which most of us always do or use Android Device Manager.Android Device Manager is the feature of Google which allows a user to Ring Android device even if the device is In Silent Mode.To make your phone Ring, just follow these simple steps:-

  1. Go To
  2. Now, Enter your Gmail Id which you use in your Android Mobile to access Google.
  3. A window will open now. Just Click on Ring tab.All done.Your Phone will now ring and you can get it now.



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